BIM Consultants UK – The Benefits

BIM Consultants UK – The Benefits

Building Information Modelling (BIM), is the process of designing a building in collaboration with others, via the use of intelligent and data-rich computer models. This may not sound ground-breaking, but if you have been in the loop, then you know that BIM is one of the biggest trends in the construction industry. It is a methodology that combines architecture, engineering and construction, with each field playing a role in the construction process.

BIM Consultant UK
BIM Consultant UK

Simply put, BIM helps focus the design-to-construction process, and small to medium sized companies would do well to consider hiring BIM consultants UK wide on their projects. Here are a few benefits of BIM consulting:

Seamless Integration

Before building information modelling came about, substantial construction projects relied on an array of printed 2D drawings and associated technical schedules with which to base their on-site construction works. This means that each party to the design process used to make their design output largely isolated from the rest of the design team. This was certainly far from seamless integration. Nowadays, BIM allows each team to share their 3D intelligent BIM model and associated asset data with each other, thus having the same information. This allows projects to run smoothly and save a lot of money in the long run.

Increased Return on Investment

Small to medium sized companies (SMEs) tend to have high overheads compared to their revenue. However, BIM can help with this by merely improving the ROI. According to a recent study, the maturity of a company’s BIM tends to correlate with a high ROI. This comes from the fact that BIM changes workflow in several ways, primarily making everything streamlined.

Your return on investment increases thanks to a reduction in mistakes, information dissemination and efficient use of resources.

Outsourcing may be the solution

Many SME companies have realised that, to gain the greatest foothold in BIM, outsourcing most or all aspects of their works to a tried and tested BIM consultant can make all the difference.

This is a solution that has changed many facets of running a construction business, and it makes considering BIM consultants UK wide an important decision to make.

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