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    A freelance worker is a term that is used for people who are self-employed. They don’t have to be employed necessarily in the company in order to be presented by an agency that offers the freelance workers for their clients. There are many professions and field in which the freelancers can be included: writing, publishing, computer programming, website development, journalism, graphic design, etc. Freelance work vary from profession to profession. Payment also depends on profession and skills which are required for a particular work. They can charge by the day or hour and they can also sign a contract for projects that are more complex.

Being a freelancer is probably a dream job for many developers who are tired of being traditionally employed. Many of them are tired from their current job because they have been working on the same projects and for the same company for years without the opportunity for advancement. Let’s face the truth, every job will soon become mundane in these situations. On the other hand, beginners could use this opportunity to improve their skills and to get experience which is also a great chance for further development in the profession because we all know that it is almost impossible to get a job without experience and paradoxically you can get the experience if no one is willing to give you the job.

Others are just looking for an opportunity to boost their income. However, whatever the case might be , it is very easy to become a freelance developer today. There are many sites on the Internet that offer the opportunity for the freelance developers to find full-time and part-time job.And if you are in one of the above mentioned categories, then you should consider the possibility to become a freelance developer.

There are hundreds of reasons why a person should become a freelance developer. Financial freedom is one of the most important of them. Today, when we are living in unstable times, income has the major role in our lives. Freelance developers are hired in order to do only one job and they are paid more than employees.

As for your skill, they will grow and be improved at a rapid pace, because you will work with different clients and meet different requests . Every project will build up your experience.And this is also very important for your professional development because it is experience what counts in every profession.

You will be the one who makes decisions on your workload and your free time. Thus, you can organize your time more efficiently and achieve better work-life balance.

Last but not the least, you will have freedom to choose the jobs you are interested in and you will also have the opportunity to choose the people you want to work with. Not to mention that you can work anywhere you want to.

It is very hard decision to change the job in these days, but if the above mentioned benefits of being a freelance developer sound great to you, than you should think twice.

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Tips on How to Succeed as a Freelance Developer

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        By reading this, I must assume that you know what is a freelancer and what is a developer, so I won’t go down that road. I will focus on a path of tips that you should follow in order to establish yourself as trustworthy freelance developer and to eventually prosper working as one.

     I will try to give advice on every step on this rocky road, so feel free to question my judgement by checking other relevant guides on how to become a successful freelance developer.

  • Starting can be difficult thing. And in most cases it is. But don’t start building your portfolio because you have free time. You should spread your view and try working in few different niches and eventually you will find (if you already haven’t ) your field of expertize, a field where you excel yourself. You should also pay attention to field demand, working and bidding for jobs in a field that is in a high demand can yield some early experience and cash.
  • Getting experience is important, and getting experience in working with clients is even more important. With this you will acquire necessary skills that will allow you to choose better clients in future, and that is something you have to learn by having both great and awful customers.
  • Testimonials are dream come true for freelance developers. And to get to that part of your work where you choose customers instead of vice versa you have to work and work and work. The More projects you finish, the more referrals you get. And with more referrals, people with notice you quickly. At the end of this line, your reputation will bring customers to you.
  • The Portfolio will be an important thing after you do a load of projects and earn yourself a reputation. Portfolio site with all work you done, will assure your possible clients that you are capable and serious worker.
  • Billing your clients is an important thing, and you should be open with billing options. If you are a beginner, I advise billing after the work is finished. When you acquire reputation that shows that you are trustworthy, you can start other billing options. With big projects you can ask for money in advance and weekly or similar payments. You should make all paying arrangements and approximate total cost known to your client, in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Marketing is a tricky field, and normal add marketing is just a waste of money. Best marketing you will get is your testimonial and recommendations from your clients. And if you are that good, they will tell their colleagues too.
  • Charge rates are what you earn, and they can be your end if you don’t know how to set them. I recommend working for free at the beginning, or setting low rates to attract smaller clients. Another way of attracting customers is by giving discounts for returning clients.

You should be careful with low rates with bigger clients and bigger projects. Setting low charge rate may cause clients to avoid you believing you are not as good as other people that charge more. Charge rates are tricky things and you should tread carefully around them.

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